Friday, September 26, 2008

A Park for All Time

Island Timberlands owns the trees in this area. During negotiations with our Millennium Park and PRSC Forest Retention Committee Island Timberlands came up with a logging plan that involved some logging, largely on the part above the highway - but also below, to realize some value for their trees.

In response to Island Timberlands' plan we came up with an amended plan which included large tracts left intact, extensive buffers, and some selective logging with variable retention.

Walk through the Cut Connector Trail (see Millennium Park map ) to get a feel for what it looks like to have 50% retention after eight years post-harvest. The Cut Connector is not part of Millennium Park but it is a good example of retention logging. That trail has about a 20 metre buffer on either side of the path, with some small openings beyond that have now grown back in again with a vibrant young forest. It can easily be accessed from the top of the Cut (Marine Avenue) just to the south of the Haul Road overpass. To me, walking through there feels like walking through a park. There is more light in it than in the other parts. See what you think after a stroll through. Some parts of Millennium Park might end up looking like that depending on what details are agreed to .

Island Timberlands has not got back to us yet as of this date, but up until now your Millennium Park and PRSC Forest Retention Committee has been negotiating this plan with Island Timberlands in good faith. We expect to meet with them sometime in mid-October.

Once we have a final plan we will post its details. They will also be made public throughout the community. For now we have to concentrate on acquiring the park. A majority of voters have to vote yes. It's great to have your support. All of us together, we will create a lasting legacy for future generations, a park for all time, which we can also enjoy now.

Eagle Walz


Anonymous said...

This issue has been ongoing for years and I know the people of Powell River have donated money. My question is, What has the City done in all this time?

Eagle said...

The Millennium Park Committee made a conditional gift of $75,000 to the City to help it acquire Millennium Park. PRSC, now the owners of a large part of Lot 450, including the 37 hectares of Millennium Park, have offered this area to the City for $1.5 million. The City is going to have a stand-alone referendum to borrow up to $1.43 (that's the citizens downpayment bringing down the total).

Eagle said...

You are here: News
Update on Millennium Park
City of Powell River

At the public budget presentation held 17 April 2008, questions were raised regarding the status of the proposed Millennium Park. A fact sheet has been prepared to provide clarification on the terms respecting the City’s option to purchase the land for Millennium Park:

Millennium Park Fact Sheet

PRSC Limited Partnership is the owner of the lands proposed for Millennium Park.
The City of Powell River has an agreement with PRSC which provides the City with an option to purchase the Millennium Park lands. The agreement was approved by resolution of Council on 10 October 2006.
The term of the option agreement is five years; this year is the second year of the agreement.
The total purchase price is $1.5 million plus GST.
The $75,000 raised by the community for the purchase of Millennium Park has been paid to PRSC as an option fee.
The City pays to PRSC a further option fee of $20,000 annually.
The option fees are non-refundable and will be credited to the purchase price when the option is exercised.
The City is responsible for all conveyancing, subdivision, and servicing costs required to separate the Millennium Park area from the PRSC land.
If the subdivision is not approved by the end of the term of the agreement, PRSC shall refund to the City all monies paid for the option.
PRSC will not grant further options or sell any part of the lands intended for the Park until expiry of the option granted to the City.
If for some reason the Millennium Park is not purchased, its $75,000 conditional gift to the city will be paid back to the Millennium Park Committee by the City

For more information on the area proposed for Millennium Park and on PRSC Limited Partnership see the PRSC section of the PRREDS Website.

Contact - Stan Westby, Chief Administrative Officer

Anonymous said...

Problem: After we buy the land - then we have to buy the trees! Solution: Local government has the power to expropriate the Tree Farm License at fair market value, borrow from the Bank of Canada at nominal interest, then selectively and sustainably log outside the park to pay back the loan. Result: cost to taxpayer = zero$