Sunday, November 7, 2010

Tree Retention Update November 2010

The public had made donations to the Millennium Park Committee to help establish Millennium Park. The Millennium Park Committee then gave $75,000.00 to the City to help acquire the park land. After the referendum during the last election (November 2008) the City passed a resolution to borrow the remainder of the funds needed to buy the property. This has happened. The land is now established as a park. (See earlier posts in this blog.)

What remains to be done is to complete negotiations with Island Timberlands Limited Partnership, which owns the current crop of trees. The City and the MP Committee have been in negotiations with Island Timberlands and have arrived at a point where a legal document has been created that delineates how and where the selective logging will take place on the acquired park land.

We are in the final phase, awaiting IT's response to the legal document and the selective logging plan. IT has been involved all along during the evolution of this plan and document over the last couple of years. We anticipate meeting again in November. Once agreement has been reached, representatives of the City, Island Timberlands and the MP Committee will jointly take the selective logging plans to the public for an Open House in the following months. This event will be advertised in the media.

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